Missing Daddy Discussion Questions

1) Notice the variety of feelings our main character has throughout the story. Can you name some of them? Do you think it's possible to still feel joyful when you're dealing with a challenge? How do you find moments of happiness in a challenging/difficult situation? What strategies do you use to cope with these challenging moments?

2) What do you think Grandma meant by "The reasons are many", in response to the main character's question?

3) Why do you think that Mama has to work all day and night?

4) The main character doesn't reach out to her sister because she's afraid she'll make her worry. Can you relate to this feeling? What would encourage you or prevent you from reaching out to someone who shares your story?

5) What can you do if you notice someone saying hurtful things to others? How can you support your friend/peers who are being bullied? How can you support your friend/peer who is bullying?

6) Where is the main character’s father? Do you know what jail or prison is? Who goes there? Why do people go there? How can you support & help a friend who might have a parent or loved one in jail or prison? 

7) Which friends or family members do you go to when you have a problem or a worry? Why do you choose to go to them? Is there anyone at school that you could reach out to? Why or why not?